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Thank you for choosing to learn more about Conley and Associates, Inc., Florida’s leading sales representative for electronic components. We provide our principals with the fastest and most effective means for penetrating the Florida and Puerto Rico electronics market. We have unmatched experience, long-term relationships, and the professional resources in place to provide immediate results. 


Conley and Associates, Inc. is one of the most experienced and respected electronics sales firms in the Florida and Puerto Rico area. Our customers applications extend from commercial high volume products to complex military and space related programs. Our experienced technical sales engineers have built deep and lasting relationships within Florida’s largest manufacturers of electronic products. We call on owners, managers, designers, engineers, and buyers at all levels. We know the decision makers and they have come to trust us and the lines that we represent. Our corporate stability and reputation for quality products and service has made us the representative of choice with customers and principals alike. 


We are staffed with the region's most dedicated and talented sales professionals. Conley and Associates, Inc. is a rock-solid sales team with a professional staff averaging more than 20 years of service with the company. Every Associate has an advanced degree and a technical background in the products they represent. We know our industry, our region, our customers, and our customer's customers. We have a long record of achievement and we consistently receive our clients' highest performance ratings.

Randall Conley
Outside Sales Engineer

Randall is responsible for the West Coast of Florida from Ft Myers to Gainesville and east to Lakeland.


Direct:       (727) 560-1114


Partner:    29 years

Johnie Conley Jr. IV
Outside Sales Engineer

Johnie is responsible for Central and North Florida up through the Panhandle of Florida from Central Orlando up through Tallahassee and Pensacola. 


Direct: (321) 356-0789


Partner: 30 years


Lisa Dietrich
Distribution Sales Manager

Lisa is our distribution sales manager for all of Florida. She supports our field sales efforts, in addition to our sales engineers, not instead of...  


Direct: (407) 221-9193


Partner: 32 years


Please feel free to talk with any of the partners about any aspect of Conley and Associates.

Ted Pacelli
Outside Sales Engineer

Ted is responsible for South Florida from Vero Beach to Key West, inlcuding Miami, Ft Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. 


Direct: (561) 714-0933


Partner: 32 years


Jim Bailey
Outside Sales Engineer

Jim is responsible for Central and the East Coast of Florida from Sebastian to Jacksonville including East Orlando. 


Direct: (407) 808-1902


In Market 25 years

Andrea Conley
Inside Sales - 17 years

Claire Bailey

Inside Sales - 2 years

Crystal Cook
Admin / Sales Support - 6 years

Robin Smith

Inside Sales Support - 18 years
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